Chinese 2035

1. Digital Communication and Media Literacy

Mother: “I’ve downloaded the 通讯 (chat, tōngxùn) app on my phone.”
Father: “Great. I used the 导航 (navigator, dǎoháng) app for planning our trip.”
Mother: “The children enjoy the 流媒 (streaming, liú méi) service a lot.”
Father: “We should update our 安全 (security, ānquán) settings too.”
Mother: “And teach them about 礼仪 (etiquette, lǐyí) in digital communication.”


1. Essential Communication Apps

2. Navigation and Travel Apps

3. Social Media Platforms

4. E-commerce and Online Shopping

5. Online Payment Systems

6. Local News and Information Sources

7. Online Entertainment and Streaming

8. Cultural Etiquette in Digital Communication

9. Digital Marketing and Online Trends

10. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

11. Remote Work Tools and Platforms

12. Digital Literacy in a Global Context