3.3. Special Dietary Needs

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A. Basic Level

In a bustling Chinese 餐厅 (restaurant | cāntīng), an elderly woman carefully examines the 菜单 (menu | càidān). She looks up at the 服务员 (waiter | fúwùyuán) with concern, “Is this 素食 (vegetarian | sùshí)?” while pointing at a dish.

The waiter smiles, “Yes, it’s 纯素 (purely vegan | chún sù). No 肉 (meat | ròu) or 动物制品 (animal products | dòngwù zhìpǐn).”

Relieved, she nods and orders the dish. She then asks about their 茶 (tea | chá), ensuring it’s also suitable for vegans. The waiter reassures her, “Our tea is completely 纯素.”

The woman smiles, comforted by the assurance, ready to enjoy her meal.