HIV.NET serves as a comprehensive platform highlighting the collaborative projects undertaken by Patricia Bourcillier, Bernd Sebastian Kamps et al., spanning from 1983 to the current date.


Il était une fois à Ouahigouya (2024)

By Patricia Bourcillier

In “Il était une fois à Ouahigouya”, Patricia Bourcillier invites us to share the remarkable experience she and her husband, Bernd Sebastian Kamps, had during a three-month stay in Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) in 1977.

Her account takes us to Ouahigouya in the northwest of “Mossi country”, where, thanks to an unconventional fellowship, the couple was immersed in the daily life of a rural society where poverty was met with generosity and sharing.

Their friendship with Moussa and their conversations with him and his peers are moments of reflection on political anger, struggle, and hope on the eve of a revolution. This book is an invitation to dialogue, to openness to others, and to the journeys that shape our understanding of the world.



Amedeo (1997 – today)

The Medical Literature Guide

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps

13.000+ subscribers worldwide

The Amedeo Worlds

The Amedeo Prize 2008

TriplePlayer (2024)

Triple Video Subtitles, AB Loop and Microphone: The New Horizon of Advanced Language Learning

TriplePlayer, a free and open-source tool, enhances language learning by supporting MP4 videos with simultaneous multi-language subtitles. Its user-friendly interface offers an efficient and enjoyable pathway to mastering languages. Begin your learning journey with TriplePlayer today.

For a description of the purpose and development of TriplePlayer and a detailed discussion, visit https://osf.io/cbepm.


2049 Chinese (2024)

A broad vocabulary is essential for fluency in any language. Here, we present the first 2,000+ words from our extensive project of over 20,000 Chinese words. These are divided into three levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – to allow students to develop their vocabulary step by step. Most importantly, students can customize their study to suit their personal interests and learning pace.

With over 180 audio files, 2049 Chinese of the aims to improve your Mandarin listening and pronunciation skills and guide you towards fluency.

2049 Chinese is now available in 15 languages, inviting learners from different cultures to explore the Mandarin language.

Web Edition

  1. Dutch
  2. English
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Greek
  6. Indonesian
  7. Italian
  8. Japanese
  1. Korean
  2. Polish
  3. Portuguese
  4. Russian
  5. Spanish
  6. Turkish
  7. Ukrainian

Print Edition (Volume 1)

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The AIOLOGY Manual (2023)

Making AI Talk:
A Guide to Fluent and Effective Conversations

The 2nd Edition (around 400 pages) is now available in 13 languages.

Download the PDFs:



The Highlights

  • AI Chatbots Taking Over: Where and How? – Page 24
  • The Magic Key to AI: Specificity – Page 41
  • Context is King: Making AI Understand You Better – Page 44
  • Power Statements: Make AI Work for You! – Page 60
  • Change Your Game: Get Better Answers from AI – Page 62
  • Your Personal AI Writer: Command and Conquer – Page 65
  • AI in Role-Playing: Unleashing Creativity – Page 67
  • AI Style Swag: Making AI Sound Cool – Page 69
  • AI Success Stories: How to Win with AI – Page 71
  • AI Seeding: Planting the Seeds for Better AI Conversations – Page 105
  • Chatbot Charisma: Advanced Techniques to Shape AI Talks – Page 109
  • AI All-Stars: How Pros Interact with AI – Page 112
  • AI – The New Picasso? Creating Content Like Never Before – Page 133
  • AI Goes to School: Revolutionizing Education – Page 136


AIOLOGY is the study of the behavior and performance of artificial intelligence, including its functioning, development and evolution, and its interaction with humans. The AIOLOGY Handbook (phonetic transcription eɪaɪˈɒlədʒi; pronounce ay-eye-OL-uh-jee) is your key to mastering these interactions, from basic understanding to advanced techniques. The book equips both AI novices and veterans with the skills to realize AI’s full potential. You will discover that the more skills and expertise you have, the better you can use AI. Or to put it more succinctly: The more intelligent you are, the more you will benefit from artificial intelligence.

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AioLingua/Aiopop (2022)

A collection of 40+ free language manuals and 200+ speech audios.

AioLingua and AioPop are not for young people (teenagers or people in their twenties and thirties). All others will improve their language skills in:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. Portuguese
  6. German
  7. Chinese

Websites: AioLingua / AioPop


MP3 audio files


GigaSardinian Pocket (2022)

English Pocket Edition, 318 pages
By Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Elio Turno Arthemalle

Amazon.com, 18€

COVID Reference (2021)

Medical history: What did we know about COVID-19 in January 2021?

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Christian Hoffmann


Download PDF (534 pages)

COVID Reference (2020)

Medical history: What did we know about COVID-19 on March 29, 2020?

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Christian Hoffmann

Download PDF (140 pages)

COVID Reference: Other Languages

COVID Reference España (415 páginas)
13 January 2021

COVID Reference Italia (410 pagine)
13 January 2021

COVID Reference Türkiye (410 sayfaI)
18 December 2020

COVID Reference Việt Nam (290 trang)
8 September 2020

COVID Reference France (229 pages)
17 May 2020

COVID Reference Deutschland (201 Seiten)
29 April 2020

COVID Reference Portugal (135 paginas)
12 April 2020

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Christian Hoffmann


La Mémoire oubliée des Todesco (2019)

L’histoire des Todesco débute en Germanie à l’époque carolingienne. Durant les croisades, des groupes de Teutons décident de se faire chrétiens et d’émigrer en Italie du Nord, tandis que d’autres comme le rabbin Dan Ashkenazi et son groupe choisissent de gagner l’Espagne. Mais au XIVe siècle les persécutions vont pousser les descendants de la petite communauté ashkénaze à s’enfuir vers les pays roumains, avant que de les faire échouer un siècle plus tard en Italie. Pour seul souvenir, ils conservent leur nom ethnique.

By Patricia Bourcillier

Free Download (489 pages)


Oliena Studio (2019)

Post-stroke exercises. More than 9000 videos in English, Italian, Spanish and Sardinian.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps + Monica Limoncino + Maurizio Melis



Vita di Alessandro T. (2019)

Il 15 dicembre 2017 entrai in un tunnel di due mesi. Non ricordo i parenti e gli amici – cinque, dieci, in alcuni giorni anche quindici – che venivano a trovarmi in ospedale tutti i giorni (scusatemi!). Non ricordo la sera di Natale quando vennero a salutarmi prima di festeggiare con le loro famiglie. E non ricordo né i passaggi all’ospedale – pronto soccorso, sala operatoria, terapia intensiva – né tutti quelli che mi hanno probabilmente salvato la vita. Un grazie di cuore a tutti voi!

By Alessandro Troffa, Maurizio Melis, Monica Limoncino and Bernd Sebastian Kamps

L’avventura delle parole


GigaMartinique (2019)

For the first time in history, the fascinating Martinican creole is being made available to billions of people around the world. GigaMartinique is entirely free: the PDF of the book, the app for smartphones and tablets, and the educational content on the website. In addition, GigaMartinique opens a window on a new world of language teaching: all texts are translated into multiple languages. This ‘multilinguality’ of GigaMartinique is the new standard in language teaching.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Marie-José Desnel

Where is Martinique?


Audios, PDFs and Paperbacks

To improve your language skills in Martinique Creole, click on the appropriate sound icon () and listen to up to 10 episodes. Later, download the PDF () and the MP3 audio files.






The GigaMartinique paperback costs 15 euros. Click on the Amazon icon () to see if there are any special discounts currently available.

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Sardo per Sardi (2019)

Avete notato che da alcuni decenni la lingua sarda è in declino? Proiettando questa tendenza nel futuro, prevediamo che prima ancora della fine del secolo il sardo sarà l’orso bianco del Mediterraneo – estinto, pianto, e infine dimenticato.

Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Elio Turno Arthemalle

(Where is Sardinia?)


Excerpts (5 pages)
Original PDF (260 pages)

OLIENA (2018)

Every year, almost 20 million people suffer a first-time stroke and about a third of them have aphasia. Although aphasia often resolves spontaneously, many patients have persistent language disturbances. A conservative estimate of the number of people who require acute post-stroke speech therapy is one to two million each year (China: 200,000, Europe: 100,000, US: 50,000).

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps, Monica Limoncino and Maurizio Melis

Open Language Interface for Enhanced Network Activity
Language recovery after stroke


Android app

PDF (278 pages)

GigaSardinian (2018)

Learning Sardinian? Poita no! Sardinia is an awesome island. In ancient times, it was a cultural and commercial melting pot in the Western Mediterranean, right at the center of the routes connecting the regions we today call Italy, Spain, France and North Africa. Today, Sardinia is again a hotspot – a touristic hotspot – and millions of people from all over the world are visiting the island every year. They appreciate otherworldly beaches plunging into crystal-clear waters and the exceptional earnestness of Sardinian hospitality. People who come to the island will discover rapidly that Sardinia is one of the finest places on Earth to live.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps + Elio Arthemalle

Where is Sardinia?


Audios, PDFs and Paperbacks

To improve your language skills in Sardinian, click on the appropriate sound icon () and listen to up to 10 episodes. Later, download the PDF () and the MP3 audio files.







The GigaSardinian paperback costs 15 euros. Click on the Amazon icon () to see if there are any special discounts currently available.

PDFs + App

Second English Edition (308 pages)

GigaSardinian Words

GigaSardinian Orgosolo

Android app

GigaFrench (2016)

God, abortion and climate change

Chapter 1: Dieu existe-t-il ? | Inégalités, injustices, violences, tortures, viols, meurtres, guerres, génocides, la shoah, l’esclavage… Impardonnable, n’est-ce pas ? On vous dira que Dieu se planque pour mettre les hommes à l’épreuve et les amener à choisir entre le bien et le mal. En tout cas, si moi je vous jouais des tours pareils, vous me traiteriez de sadique !

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps + Patricia Bourcillier

PDF: Download 555 pages

Audios, PDFs and Paperbacks

To improve your language skills in French, click on the sound icon () and listen to the 8 episodes. Later, download the PDF () and the MP3 audio files.


Click the icons





The GigaFrench English paperback (552 pages) costs 24 euros. Click on the Amazon icon () to see if there are any special discounts currently available.

Ear2Memory (2016-2018)

The time needed to learn a foreign language is impressive: hundreds of hours to transfer 5000+ words into a human brain and then hundreds more hours to understand people speaking at ‘3+ words/second’. In addition, language learning seems to be immune to the accelerating and streamlining effects of modern technology – today, like 50 years ago, it takes over 1000 hours to start being fluent in another language.

Here we present a method of double exposure to a new language through intense listening plus reading.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps

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The Word Brain (2015)

A Short Guide to Fast Language Learning

After reading the Word Brain, you may decide that you have no time to learn a new language – but never again will you say that you have no talent for it.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps

English Edition
Edición española

Italian with Elisa (2015)

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and the Italian language is wonderfully expressive and pleasing to the ear. If you plan a trip to Italy, don’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire some language skills. Knowing a few words will greatly enhance your Italy experience.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps


Audios, PDFs and Paperbacks

To improve your language skills in Italian, click on the sound icon () and listen to the 20 episodes. Later, download the PDF () and the MP3 audio files (see below).


Click the icons


The Italian with Elisa paperback (220 pages) costs 15 euros. Click on the Amazon icon () to see if there are any special discounts currently available.


Audio (normal)

Audio (slow)

Audio (words)

The Amedeo Worlds (2015)

The way Amedeo delivers information has remained unchanged since 1998. As of 2015, Amedeo covered 100 topics and was delivering 80,000+ newsletters to 50,000 subscribers every week, totaling 4 million individually tailored messages per year.

In May 2015, we asked our subscribers to ‘describe the power of Amedeo’ (see page 9). Their comments demonstrate the timeless value of Amedeo in a changing world.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps

Download 41 pages

Paris by Kamps (2013)

Have you ever been to Paris? Or are you planning to come over here any time soon? You will remember – or you are about to discover – one of the most beautiful cities in the universe, and you will do a fine piece of time traveling in a miraculous city, virgin of wartime destruction and virtually untouched by destructive architects. Strolling in a perfect 19th century urban landscape, you will come across jewels of remote times – Notre-Dame, Louvre, Vosges Square – while taking pictures of 21st century Paris – the metro crowds, the extraordinary ethnic mixing, and of course, the locals having lunch at the countless bars and restaurants during their 12 o’clock break.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps

162 pages, 21 x 21 cm


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Isabelle Eberhardt (2012)

Une femme en route vers l’islam

Voyager avec Isabelle Eberhardt c’est en tout temps être prêt à se mettre en route ; c’est rêver de partir « sans plan fixe », armé « du bâton et de la besace symboliques » avec l’idée du nomadisme, du cheminement, comme passage de la pensée elle-même. Aussi écrit-elle : « Un droit que bien peu d’intellectuels se soucient de revendiquer, c’est le droit à l’errance, au vagabondage. Et pourtant, le vagabondage, c’est l’affranchissement et la vie le long des routes, c’est la liberté. »

By Patricia Bourcillier


Download PDF

Print Edition

Amedeo Prize (2008)

The Medical Article of the Year 2008 was selected in a four-step process by more than 1600 subscribers to the Amedeo Medical Literature Service:

  1. The nomination of 1453 articles from hundreds of thousands of articles published in 2007 and listed in PubMed (December 2007/January 2008)
  2. The first voting round (619 votes) which promoted 156 articles to the second voting round (February/March)
  3. The second voting round in April (436 votes) which selected 21 articles for the final voting round
  4. The third and final voting round in June (589 votes)


Androgynie et Anorexie (2007)

Qu’on évoque le mythe de Platon ou encore les doctrines des gnoses chrétiennes, l’androgynie est présentée comme l’état initial, l’Age d’or à reconquérir. Dans cet essai, on trouve de tout: des écrivain(e)s jugé(e)s, selon les cas et les époques, de mystiques, hystériques ou anorexiques, des figures de la mythologie grecque, des castrats et bien d’autres êtres hors du commun qui ne savent pas exactement de quel genre ils sont. Les thèmes abordés sont multiples: le désir de fusion, le caché et le secret, l’idée de la mort et de la résurrection. La lecture est stimulante, elle appelle l’imaginaire et bouleverse l’idée que se font beaucoup de gens de l’anorexie.

By Patricia Bourcillier

Download PDF (309 pages)

Influenza Report 2006

“What did we know about avian influenza in 2006?”

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps, Christian Hoffmann, Wolfgang Preiser, et al.

Download PDF

Free Medical Information (2005)

Today , doctors can be publishers – computer technology and the internet make it possible , and book projects are tempting in terms of money . A doctor who publishes his own textbooks can earn many times what he would be paid in royalties by a publishing house . More important than this , however , is the fact that a doctor who writes and publishes wants his texts to be read by as many colleagues , students and patients as possible . The best way to achieve this is through free parallel publication of these texts on the internet .

CAVE: This manual was written in a world without social media. The advice given in Free Medical Information may be out of date.

Download PDF (95 pages)


HIV and AIDS (2004)

“What did we know about HIV and AIDS in 2004?”

(Find the current edition here.)

By Christian Hoffmann, Bernd Sebastian Kamps, et al.

Download PDF (German, 712 pages)

SardegnaMadre (2003)

L’Île et l’Autre

Le mot “exil” évoque le plus souvent des images de misère, de guerre, de persécutions politiques ou religieuses, rarement l’émigration volontaire, nourrie d’un amour de l’ailleurs, d’un besoin d’ouverture sur l’inconnu, d’affrontement avec l’étrangeté. Pour moi, la découverte de la Sardaigne fut un véritable choc émotionnel. Tout dans l’île me rappelait un passé lointain: les yeux sombres, les chevelures noires et brillantes, la démarche assurée, hautaine des femmes, la générosité de l’accueil. Et j’avais de bonnes raisons de penser que je pouvais y couler des jours heureux avec S. Le sort voulut toutefois que ma nouvelle migration – huit ans s’étaient écoulés depuis mon départ de la France pour l’Allemagne – coincidât avec la sensation de vide, due au manque de perspectives et de certitudes, qui dominait alors la réalité sarde, et avec l’opération du sein maternel.

By Patricia Bourcillier


Download PDF

HIV Medicine (2003)

“What did we know about HIV in 2003?”

By Christian Hoffmann, Bernd Sebastian Kamps, et al.

Download PDF (351 pages)

See also the Spanish, Italian and Romanian editions.

SARS (2003)

“What did we know about SARS in October 2003?”

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps, Christian Hoffmann, et al.

Download PDF

HIV and AIDS (1998)

What did we know about HIV and AIDS in 1998?

By Reinhard Brodt, Eilke Brigitte Helm and Bernd Sebastian Kamps

Website (Archive.org)

Magersucht & Androgynie (1994)

Es ist viel geschrieben worden über diese jungen Menschen, Frauen im besonderen, die NICHTS mehr essen, weil sie plötzlich abmagern und leicht wie Sylphen werden wollen. Nun ist aber die Mahlzeit schon immer ein Mittler menschlicher Beziehungen auf jeder Ebene gewesen, Symbol der Kommunikation und des Teilens. Überall und jederzeit war sie Zeichen herzlicher Gastfreundschaft. Sie brachte die verschiedensten Menschen einander näher, und die Wärme, die eine geteilte Freude hervorruft, erweckte ein Klima des Vertrauens. Die mystische oder erotische Mutterliebe wurde in allen Kulturen in Umgangssprache (“ich habe dich zum Fressen gern”) und Poesie mit der Nahrung gleichgesetzt.

By Patricia Bourcillier

Download PDF (German edition)


Decamore (1994)


Fünf Frauen und fünf Männer im Alter zwischen 22 und 41 Jahren ziehen sich in Landhäuser, Pensionen und Ferienakademien zurück. Sie kommen aus der Philosophie, der Literaturwissenschaft, der Soziologie und der Medizin. Bis tief in die Nacht reden sie über die Liebe und zeichnen ihre Gespräche auf.

By Patricia Bourcillier, Bernd Sebastian Kamps, et al.

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Zufällige Textstelle

Französisch zwischen den Hügeln der Venus und den Lenden Adonis’ (1991)

Fremdsprachen lernen wir am besten im Bett. Den Geliebten hängen wir an den Lippen, ihre Sätze brennen sich in unser Hirn. Kein Otto-Normal-Unterricht kann ein vergleichbar prägendes Spracherleben simulieren.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps + Patricia Bourcillier

Fremdsprachen lernt man am Besten im Bett…
Download PDF Französisch
Download PDF Italienisch

AIDS / HIV.NET (1991-2008)

16 Auflagen in 18 Jahren.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps et al.

Since 2009: HIV-Buch (German)

Gabriele Dias (1986)

The curious events in this account refer to the city of Casteddu in the year 198_. Objections may be raised as to the need for such a detailed report, since the incidents have already received ample attention in banner headlines and newspaper articles throughout Europe and abroad. The narrator will moreover be accused of seizing the reader’s attention through no special merit of his own, making use of material which is by now of public domain. For these reasons, he feels it necessary to give his credentials and to reveal his role as that of the anonymous informer whose black briefcase was delivered to the judicial authorities handling the case, the contents of which were responsible for bringing the scandal to public knowledge.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Marie Sebastian Miller.






Basic für Mollis & Müslis (1986)

Programmierung von Lernprogrammen für den Fremdsprachenunterricht auf Commodore 64.

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Sardisch für Mollis & Müslis (1985)

Dopo tanti anni, certi testi di questo manuale potrebbero sembrare non attuali. La presentazione della grammatica e il lessico sono però tuttora strumenti utili per chi volesse imparare il sardo.

Wenngleich einige Texte des 1985 veröffentlichten Bandes nicht mehr zeitgemäß sein könnten, sind Wortschatz und Grammatik nach wie vor eine wertvolle Quelle für Studenten der sardischen Sprache.

By Bernd Sebastian Kamps + Antonio Lepori

Download PDF

…für Mollis & Müslis (1983/1984)

By Patricia Bourcillier + Bernd Sebastian Kamps

Französisch für Mollis & Müslis

Um Ihre Sprachkenntnisse in Französisch zu verbessern, klicken Sie auf das Tonsymbol () und hören Sie sich die 20 Episoden an. Später können Sie das PDF () und die MP3-Audiodateien herunterladen.

Klicken Sie auf die Symbole


Italienisch für Mollis & Müslis

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“Endlich mal Lektionen , die echte Gespräche wiedergeben , genau das , was man in der Kneipe erzählt oder auf Festen oder wo auch immer , wenn man sich für die Leute interessiert . ” ( Bremer Blatt )

“Schade , daß das Copyrightdatum 1983 und nicht 1968 lautet : Der Band wäre mit seinen niedlichen und gut lesbaren Erzählungen ein kurioses Zeugnis dieser 68er Revolution .” ( Zitty , Berlin )

“…hat mich darüber aufgeklärt , was wir von den Linken in Deutschland zu denken haben . Nach der Lektüre dieses Buches muß jeder vernünftig denkende Mensch zu dem Schluß kommen , daß alles , was links ist , moralisch verdorben ist .” ( W.G. , Passau )

“Ein angenehmer Weg , sich zumindest sprachlichen Zugang zum Frankreich abseits der Touristenkanäle zu verschaffen.” ( Erlanger Stadtzeitung )

Spanish für Mollis & Müslis

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Englisch für Mollis & Müslis

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No audio