3.4. Beverages and Ordering Drinks

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A. Basic Level

In the private lounge of a luxury hotel, a group of Chinese businessmen are enjoying a late-night gathering. They toast with 白酒 (baijiu | báijiǔ) and 啤酒 (beer | píjiǔ), their laughter echoing in the room. An American businessman, looking a bit tipsy, tries to keep up, sipping his 红酒 (red wine | hóngjiǔ) with enthusiasm.

One of the Chinese businessmen recommends a 特制 (specially made | tè zhì) 鸡尾酒 (cocktail | jīwěijiǔ) to the American, who nods eagerly, despite barely understanding. The atmosphere is filled with the rich aromas of 香醇 (mellow | xiāngchún) drinks, blending with the sounds of clinking glasses and cheerful conversation.