3.1. Basic Restaurant Phrases

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A. Basic Level

In a modern 餐厅 (restaurant | cāntīng), two young people sit at a 桌子 (table | zhuōzi), scanning the 菜单 (menu | càidān). A 服务员 (waiter | fúwùyuán) approaches.

“Can we 请 (please | qǐng) have two cups of 茶 (tea | chá)?” asks one.

The waiter nods, “当然 (Of course | dāngrán).”

The other young person inquires, “这个 (This | zhège) dish, is it 辣 (spicy | là)?”

“Yes, but we can make it less 辣,” the waiter responds.

They 点菜 (order | diǎncài), thanking the waiter with a smile. “谢谢 (Thank you | xièxiè).”

As the waiter leaves, one of them asks, “哪里是 (Where is | nǎlǐ shì) 厕所 (restroom | cèsuǒ)?”

The waiter points in the direction, replying, “不客气 (You’re welcome | bù kèqì), it’s over there.”