Vocabulary June 2023

June 5



bu4gou4 adjective not enough; insufficient; inadequate
cu1 adjective 1 coarse; crude; rough (opp. 细) 2 gruff; husky 3 careless; negligent 4 rude; unrefined; vulgar 5 wide (in diameter); thick (opp. 细)  adverb roughly; slightly
似的 shi4de5 auxiliary [after a noun, pronoun, or verb to indicate similarity]
福利 fu2li4 noun material benefit; well-being; welfare  verb literary better one’s living conditions
员工 yuan2gong1 noun staff; personnel
宿舍 su4she4 noun hostel; living quarters; dormitory
不满意 bu4man3yi4 dissatisfied
那倒是 na4dao4shi5 Oh that’s true! (interjection of sudden realization)
方便 fang1bian4 verb 1 make things onvenient for sb. 2 euphemistic have money to spare or lend 3 euphemistic go to the lavatory  noun convenience; favour
付出 fu4chu1 verb pay; expend
得到 de2//dao4 verb get; obtain; gain; receive
tui1 verb 1 push; shove 2 turn a mill or grindstone; grind 3 cut; pare 4 push forward; promote; advance 5 infer; deduce 6 push away; shirk; shift 7 put off; postpone 8 elect; choose 9 hold in esteem; praise highly
实在 shi2zai4 adjective true; real; honest; dependable  adverb 1 indeed; really; honestly 2 in fact; as a matter of fact
负担不起 fu4dan1bu5qi3 1 cannot afford 2 cannot bear the burden
这种 zhe4zhong3 1 this 2 this kind of 3 this sort of 4 this type of
住所 zhu4suo3 noun dwelling place; residence; domicile
不如 bu4ru2 verb 1 not equal to; not as good as; inferior to 2 it would be better to  adverb 1 classical how about 2 literary wouldn’t it be better
直接 zhi2jie1 adjective direct; immediate (opp. 间接)
欠条 qian4tiao2 noun a bill signed in acknowledgement of debt; IOU
qian4 verb 1 yawn 2 raise slightly (a part of the body)  verb 1 owe; be behind with 2 be not enough; lack; be insufficient 3 dialect be fidgety and bungling
连本带利 lian2ben3-dai4li4 idiom both principal and interest; profit as well as capital
抱歉 bao4qian4 adjective sorry; apologetic; regretful
无奈 wu2nai4 verb cannot help but; have no alternative; have no choice  conjunction literary but; however
之下 zhi1xia4 1 under 2 beneath 3 less than
下策 xia4ce4 noun bad plan; bad idea; unwise decision; worst thing to do; stupid move (opp. 上策)
脚踏实地 jiao3ta4-shi2di4 idiom have one’s feet planted on solid ground—earnest and down-to-earth
吃苦耐劳 chi1ku3-nai4lao2 idiom bear hardships and stand hard work; work hard and endure hardships
精神 jing1shen5 noun vigour; vitality; drive  adjective lively; spirited; vigorous; smart
记得 ji4//de5 verb remember; recall; keep in memory
考察 kao3cha2 verb 1 inspect; make an on-the-spot investigation; investigate 2 observe and study
演技 yan3ji4 noun acting; stage performance
pan2 noun 1 archaic washbasin 2 shallow flat receptacle, as a tray, plate, dish, etc. 3 dialect face; appearance 4 market quotation; current price  verb 1 coil (up); wind; twist 2 build (by laying bricks, stones, etc.) 3 check; examine; interrogate 4 transfer the ownership of; make over to sb. else 5 carry; transport  measure word 1 [for dishes, millstones, etc.] 2 sports game; set
狗粮 gou3liang2 1 dog food 2 (Internet slang) public display of affection
满满当当 man3man3-dang1dang1 adjective full to the brim; packed
在意 zai4//yi4 verb [usu. in the negative] take notice of; care about; mind; take to heart
注意 zhu4//yi4 verb pay attention to; take note (or notice) of
笑容 xiao4rong2 noun smiling expression; smile (opp. 愁容)
小猪 xiao3zhu1 piggy; piglet; shoat
fei2 adjective 1 fat (opp. 瘦) 2 fertile; rich 3 loose-fitting; loose; large (opp. 瘦) 4 profitable; lucrative; yielding good profits  verb 1 fertilize 2 become rich by illegal means or income  noun fertilizer; manure
高冷 gao1leng3 1 reserved 2 aloof 3 (geography) (of a location) elevated and cold
透露 tou4lu4 verb divulge; leak; disclose; reveal
笑意 xiao4yi4 smiling expression
行动 xing2dong4 noun action; operation  verb 1 move (or get) about 2 act; take action
加码 jia1//ma3 verb 1 raise the price of commodities; overcharge 2 raise the stakes in gambling 3 raise the quota
效果 xiao4guo3 noun 1 effect; result 2 theater sound and lighting effects
察言观色 cha2yan2-guan1se4 idiom carefully weigh a person’s words and closely watch his expression; watch a person’s every mood
图谋不轨 tu2mou2-bu4gui3 idiom plot sth. unlawful; engage in conspiratorial activities
资本家 zi1ben3jia1 capitalist
丑恶 chou3e4 adjective ugly; repulsive; hideous
嘴脸 zui3lian3 noun pejorative face; features; countenance
立马 li4ma3 verb literary pull up a horse  adverb dialect immediately; at once; right away
挂不住 gua4bu5zhu4 verb dialect lose control of one’s feelings (from embarrassment); lose one’s temper
bei5 auxiliary 1 [indicating that sth. is obvious] 2 [expressing resignation]
ti4 verb take the place of; replace; substitute for; stand-in for  preposition for  verb literary decline
相机 xiang4ji1 colloquial noun camera  verb watch for an opportunity
镜头 jing4tou2 noun 1 camera lens 2 shot; scene
数不清 shu3bu5qing1 verb be countless; be innumerable
ping2 noun bottle; vase; jar; flask  measure word quantity contained in a bottle, vase, jar or flask
guan4 noun 1 jar; pot; tin 2 mining coal tub  measure word jar; pot; tin
尽管 jin3guan3 adverb 1 feel free to; not hesitate to 2 dialect always; all the time  conjunction though; even though; in spite of; despite
千万 qian1wan4 number ten million; millions upon millions  adverb be sure to; must
别客气 bie2ke4qi5 1 don’t mention it 2 no formalities, please
电灯泡 dian4deng1pao4 noun 1 electric (light) bulb 2 figurative common name for unwanted third party on a date; third wheel
liang4 verb 1 shine; light; brighten 2 make one’s voice loud and clear 3 show; reveal  noun light  adjective 1 bright; light 2 loud and clear 3 enlightened; open and clear
七夕 qi1xi1 noun folk tradition seventh evening of the seventh month (when the Herd-boy and the Weaving-girl are supposed to meet)
点赞 dian3zan4 to like (an online post on Weibo, Facebook etc)
风景 feng1jing3 noun scenery; landscape
星空 xing1kong1 noun starry sky; star-studded sky; starlit sky

June 4



chao1song4 verb make a copy for; send a duplicate to
总裁 zong3cai2 noun 1 director-general (of a political party); president (of a company); governor (of a bank) 2 archaic (in the Qing Dynasty) head examiner; editor-in-chief of the imperial press
办公室 ban4gong1shi4 noun 1 office 2 administrative department of a unit
guai3 verb 1 turn 2 limp; lame  noun 1 dialect corner; turning 2 spoken form for the numeral 七; seven  noun crutch  verb 1 swindle; make off with 2 abduct; kidnap
一遍 yi1bian4 1 one time (all the way through) 2 once through
眼熟 yan3shu2 adjective look familiar (opp. 眼生)
驱力 qu1li4 1 (psychological) driving force 2 drive
皮肤白 pi2fu1 bai2 have a fair complexion
chen4 verb 1 line; place sth. underneath 2 provide a background for; set off; serve as a foil to  noun lining; liner
出门 chu1//men2 verb 1 go out 2 leave home; go on a journey 3 dialect (of a woman) get married; marry
右转 you4zhuan3 verb turn right
bin1 noun guest (opp. 主)
化妆 hua4//zhuang1 verb 1 (of actors) make up 2 put on make-up; make up
卫生间 wei4sheng1jian1 toilet (room)
热身运动 re4shen1 yun4dong4 warm-up excercise
交代 jiao1dai4 verb 1 hand over; turn over; transfer 2 explain; make clear; brief; tell 3 account for; justify oneself 4 confess; make a clean breast of sth.
清楚 qing1chu5 verb be clear about; understand  adjective clear; distinct
huan4 verb 1 exchange; barter; trade 2 change 3 exchange; convert 4 colloquial transplant (an organ) 5 colloquial transfuse (blood)
正形 zheng4xing2 noun colloquial good manners; proper behaviour
姑娘 gu1niang5 noun 1 girl 2 colloquial daughter 3 dated prostitute
合影 he2ying3 noun group photo (or picture)  verb (-//-) take a group photo (or picture)
加钱 jia1qian2 to pay extra; to pay more
dian4 noun 1 shop; store 2 inn
活动 huo2dong5 noun 1 activity; manoeuvre 2 psychology behaviour  verb 1 act; move about; exercise 2 be shaky; unsteady 3 use personal influence or irregular means  adjective movable; mobile; flexible
一套 yi1tao4 1 suit 2 a set 3 a collection 4 of the same kind 5 the same old stuff 6 set pattern of behavior
全家福 quan2jia1fu2 noun 1 photograph of the whole family 2 hotchpotch (as a dish)
双人 shuang1ren2 adjective double-manned
zhao4 noun 1 photograph; picture 2 license; permit  verb 1 shine; illuminate; light up 2 reflect; mirror 3 take a picture (or photograph); photograph; film; shoot 4 take care of; look after 5 notify 6 contrast 7 understand  preposition 1 in the direction of; towards 2 according to; in accordance with
zu3 noun 1 group 2 series; suite; cycle  verb organize; form  measure word set; series; battery
划算 hua2suan4 verb  calculate; figure; plan  adjective be to one’s profit; pay
以为 yi3wei2 verb think; believe; consider [usually erroneously]
亲密 qin1mi4 adjective close; intimate
姿势 zi1shi4 noun posture; gesture
bai3 verb 1 put; place; arrange 2 lay bare; state clearly 3 put on; assume 4 sway; wave 5 dialect talk; say  noun physics pendulum  noun lower hem of a gown, jacket, shirt, etc.  noun bai (Buddhist service or mass gathering to celebrate a festival etc. in China’s Dai areas)
摄影师 she4ying3shi1 photographer; cinematographer; cameraman
阵势 zhen4shi4 noun 1 battle array (or formation); disposition of combat forces 2 situation; condition; circumstances
you1 interjection [expressing surprise]
yao1 noun 1 waist; small of the back 2 waist (of a garment) 3 pocket 4 middle 5 waist-like topography that is narrow in the middle
救生圈 jiu4sheng1quan1 life buoy

June 3

lun2yi3 noun wheelchair
lun2 noun 1 wheel 2 sth. resembling a wheel; disc; ring 3 steamboat; steamer  verb take turns  measure word 1 [for the sun, the moon, etc.] 2 round 3 [a circle of 12 years]
起来 //qi5//lai5 verb 1 upwards; up 2 start to; become 3 [indicating completeness or effectiveness] 4 when one comes to 5 [forming a verbal topic]
得心应手 de2xin1-ying4shou3 idiom 1 with facility; with high proficiency 2 serviceable; handy
友情 you3qing2 noun friendly sentiments; friendship
要是 yao4shi5 conjunction colloquial if; suppose; in case
仙女 xian1nü3 noun female celestial; fairy maiden; nymph
好办 hao3ban4 adjective easy to handle
解释 jie3shi4 verb explain; expound; interpret
che4 verb 1 remove; take away 2 dismiss 3 withdraw; evacuate
bai3 verb 1 put; place; arrange 2 lay bare; state clearly 3 put on; assume 4 sway; wave 5 dialect talk; say  noun physics pendulum  noun lower hem of a gown, jacket, shirt, etc.  noun bai (Buddhist service or mass gathering to celebrate a festival etc. in China’s Dai areas)
紧张 jin3zhang1 adjective 1 nervous; keyed up 2 tense; intense; strained 3 in short supply; tight
完了 wan2le5 1 to be finished 2 to be done for 3 ruined 4 gone to the dogs 5 oh no
bao1 verb shell; peel; skin
荔枝 li4zhi1 noun botany litchi; lychee
方法 fang1fa3 noun method; way; means
中间 zhong1jian1 noun 1 among; between 2 centre; middle 3 on the way; in the course
tiao2 noun 1 twig 2 long narrow piece; strip; slip 3 brief informal note 4 item; article 5 order  measure word 1 [for long, or narrow, or thin objects] 2 [for certain nouns]
feng4 noun 1 seam 2 crack; crevice; fissure
子房 zi3fang2 noun botany ovary
心皮 xin1pi2 noun botany carpel
缝合线 feng2he2xian4 noun 1 suture
崇拜 chong2bai4 verb worship; adore
看点 kan4dian3 noun highlight; sth. worth seeing; sth. attractive
日志 ri4zhi4 noun daily record; journal
播放 bo1fang4 verb 1 transmit by radio; go on the air 2 broadcast (a TV programme, etc.); show; screen
难道 nan2dao4 adverb [giving force to a rhetorical question]
咔嚓 ka1cha1 onomatopoeia crack or snapping sound
邮件 you2jian4 noun postal matter; post; mail
收到 shou1//dao4 verb receive; get; achieve; obtain

June 2

代言人 dai4yan2ren2 spokesperson; mouthpiece; endorser
转正 zhuan3//zheng4 verb 1 (of a probationary member of the Communist Party of China) become a full member after completion of the probationary period 2 (of a temporary worker) become a regular worker
领先 ling3//xian1 verb be in the lead; lead
仔细 zi3xi4 adjective 1 careful; attentive 2 be careful; look out 3 dialect frugal; economical
挤对 ji3dui5 verb dialect 1 force into submission 2 push aside (or out); squeeze (or elbow) out 3 make fun of; poke fun at
请教 qing3jiao4 verb ask for advice; consult
肉麻 rou4ma2 adjective nauseating; sickening; disgusting
不入虎穴,焉得虎子 bu4 ru4 hu3xue2, yan1 de2 hu3zi3 idiom you cannot catch tiger cubs without entering the tiger’s lair—nothing venture, nothing gain (or have)
到了 dao4liao3 1 at last 2 finally 3 in the end
课题 ke4ti2 noun 1 question for study or discussion; project 2 problem; task
攻坚战 gong1jian1zhan4 storming of heavily fortified positions
张嘴 zhang1//zui3 verb 1 open one’s mouth (to say sth.) 2 ask for a loan or a favour
一块 yi1kuai4 1 one block 2 one piece 3 one (unit of money) 4 together 5 in the same place 6 in company
zhen4 noun 1 garrison post 2 town 3 fairly large trading centre  verb 1 press down; keep down; ease 2 calm; tranquil; at ease 3 guard; garrison 4 cool with cold water or ice  dated adverb often; frequently  adjective all day long; the whole time
照相馆 zhao4xiang4guan3 photo studio
何必 he2bi4 adverb no need to; why
老远 lao3yuan3 far away
运送 yun4song4 verb transport; ship; convey
保证 bao3zheng4 verb pledge; guarantee; assure; ensure  noun pledge; assurance
zhu4 verb express good wishes; wish  noun (Zhù) a surname  verb literary cut
生意兴隆 sheng1yi4xing1long2 thriving and prosperous business or trade
方便 fang1bian4 verb 1 make things convenient for sb. 2 euphemistic have money to spare or lend 3 euphemistic go to the lavatory  noun convenience; favour
日后 ri4hou4 noun in the future; in the days to come
合作 he2zuo4 verb 1 cooperate; collaborate; work together 2 co-author; compose jointly
产量 chan3liang4 noun output; yield
zhou4 verb (of a horse) trot  adjective sudden; abrupt  adverb suddenly; abruptly
jian3 verb 1 mathematics subtract 2 reduce; decrease; cut
受害人 shou4hai4ren2 victim; sufferer
曾经 ceng2jing1 adverb [indicating that an action once happened or a state once existed]
有必要 you3 bi4yao4 oblige; be necessary
gao3 verb usually colloquial 1 do; carry out; be engaged in 2 make; produce; work out 3 set up; start; organize 4 get; get hold of; secure 5 (followed by a complement) produce a certain effect or result; cause to become 6 make sb. suffer; fix sb.
煽情 shan1//qing2 verb often pejorative 1 rouse emotion, sentiment, fervor 2 flirt; moving; touching
chou4 adjective 1 smelly; foul; stinking 2 disgusting; disgraceful 3 colloquial poor; bad; lousy  verb dialect fail to detonate  adverb severely
丫头 ya1tou5 noun 1 dialect girl 2 slave girl; maid
这几天 zhe4ji3tian1 the past few days
唠叨 lao2dao5 verb be garrulous; chatter
瞎说 xia1shuo1 verb blather; blab; talk irresponsibly
民宿 min2su4 1 (Tw) guesthouse 2 bed-and-breakfast 3 homestay 4 pension (boarding house)
大厅 da4ting1 noun hall
举一反三 ju3yi1-fan3san1 idiom draw inference about other cases from one instance; learn by analogy
表现 biao3xian4 noun 1 expression; manifestation; display 2 behaviour; performance  verb 1 show; display; manifest 2 show off 3 describe; express
情侣 qing2lü3 noun sweethearts; lovers
指日可待 zhi3ri4-ke3dai4 idiom can be expected soon; just round the corner
luan4 noun 1 upheaval; riot; unrest; turmoil 2 disorder; disturbance; trouble 3 archaic literature last paragraph of a musical composition or genre of classical Chinese poetry  verb throw into disorder; confuse; mix up  adjective 1 in disorder; in a mess; in confusion 2 in a confused state of mind 3 (of a society) turbulent; riotous 4 (of sexual relationships) improper; promiscuous  adverb indiscriminately; at random; arbitrarily
凑合 cou4he5 verb 1 gather together; collect; assemble 2 improvise 3 make do  adjective passable; not too bad
还行 hai2 xing2 adjective not bad; passable
想象 xiang3xiang4 noun imagination  verb imagine; fancy; visualize
干净 gan1jing4 adjective (-//-) clean; neat and tidy (opp. 肮脏)  adverb completely; entirely; totally
zong3 verb assemble; put together; sum up  adjective 1 general; overall; total 2 chief; head; general  adverb 1 always; invariably 2 anyway; after all; eventually; sooner or later 3 surely; certainly; probably  noun courteous [short for 总编, 总裁, 总工程师, 总经理, etc. following a surname] editor-in-chief; president; chief engineer; director-general
正好 zheng4hao3 adjective just in time; just right; just enough  adverb happen to; chance to; as it happens
zhao1 verb 1 beckon 2 recruit; enlist; enrol 3 attract; incur; court 4 provoke; tease 5 dialect infect; contagious  verb confess; own up
助理 zhu4li3 noun assistant; aide  adjective assistant; deputy
霸总 ba4zong3 handsome high-powered businessman
套路 tao4lu4 noun 1 sequence of moves in wushu; routine 2 colloquial systematic ways of doing things; routine
gai1 verb 1 ought to be; should be 2 be sb.’s turn (or duty) to do sth.; fall to sb. 3 deserve; merit; serve sb. right 4 must; should; ought to 5 [no negative form; not to be used alone in answering a question] will probably; most likely; can be reasonably or naturally expected to; ought to; should 6 [in exclamatory sentences for emphasis]  verb owe (money or debt)  pronoun literary this; that; the said; the above-mentioned  VARIANT OF 21347328赅gai1赅 adjective literary complete; full; comprehensive; all-inclusive
图谋不轨 tu2mou2-bu4gui3 idiom plot sth. unlawful; engage in conspiratorial activities
开窍 kai1//qiao4 verb 1 have one’s ideas straightened out; enlightened 2 (of a child) begin to know things 3 dialect open one’s eyes; widen one’s view (or horizons); broaden one’s mind
终于 zhong1yu2 adverb at (long) last; in the end; finally
mo1 verb 1 feel; stroke; touch 2 feel for; grope for; fumble 3 find out; feel out; sound out 4 pilfer; steal; filch 5 grope in the dark; feel one’s way
bian1 noun 1 side (of a geometrical figure) 2 side; margin; edge; brim; rim 3 border; frontier; boundary 4 limit; bound 5 place next to; by the side of 6 part; side 7 [after numerals or words indicating time] close to; near 8 (Biān) a surname  adverb [used with two verbs to indicate the simultaneous progression or development of two actions]
就算 jiu4suan4 conjunction colloquial even if; granted that
自己 zi4ji3 pronoun 1 referring to the person mentioned earlier in the sentence 2 oneself 3 closely related; own
gan3 verb 1 catch up with; overtake 2 try to catch; make a dash for; rush for; run after; chase 3 hurry; rush through 4 drive 5 drive away; expel; drive out 6 encounter; come across; run into; happen to; find oneself in (a situation); avail oneself of (an opportunity)  adverb swiftly; quickly  preposition by; until
tie3 noun 1 chemistry iron (Fe) 2 arms; weapon 3 (Tiě) a surname  adjective 1 hard or strong as iron 2 resolved; determined 3 indisputable; unalterable 4 cruel; merciless; ruthless
随时 sui2shi2 adverb 1 at any time; at all times 2 whenever necessary; as the occasion demands
帮忙 bang1//mang2 verb help; give (or lend) a hand; do a favour; do a good turn
lei5 auxiliary colloquial [used in the same way as 喽 lou, but with a little more jolly effect]

June 1

搭车 da1//che1 verb 1 go by bus, car, etc.; give sb. a lift; get a lift; hitchhike 2 figurative do sth. along with sth. else; take the opportunity
老实 lao3shi5 adjective 1 honest; frank colloquial 2 well-behaved; good 3 euphemistic simple-minded; naive; easily taken in
记仇 ji4//chou2 verb bear grudges; harbour bitter resentment
ying4 adjective 1 hard; stiff; tough (opp. 软) 2 strong; firm; tough; obstinate 3 good (quality); able (person)  adverb manage to do sth. with difficulty
chen4 preposition take advantage of (time, opportunity, etc.); avail oneself of  verb dialect be possessed of; be rich in
叫早 jiao4zao3 to give sb a wake-up call (at a hotel)
服务 fu2wu4 verb give service to; be in the service of; serve
山洞 shan1dong4 noun cave; cavern
待会儿 dai1hui5r5 adverb colloquial in a moment
茅房 mao2fang2 noun colloquial latrine; outhouse
kuang2 adjective 1 mad; crazy; insane; frenetic; wanton; furious; unrestrained 2 violent; wild; fierce 3 arrogant; overbearing; conceited; haughty; presumptuous  adverb 1 wild; without being restrained 2 extremely; to the utmost
mo2 noun 1 evil spirit; demon; devil; monster 2 magic; mystic
伤势 shang1shi4 noun condition of an injury (or wound)
导致 dao3zhi4 verb lead to; result in; cause
kong3 verb 1 fear; dread; be afraid of 2 terrify; intimidate  adverb perhaps; probably; maybe
凶多吉少 xiong1duo1-ji2shao3 idiom bode ill rather than well; be fraught with grim possibilities
剑麻 jian4ma2 noun botany sisal hemp
划伤 hua2shang1 1 to damage by scratching 2 to gash 3 to lacerate
回头见 hui2tou2jian4 noun colloquial see you later (or again); cheerio
发炎 fa1//yan2 verb medicine inflame
而已 er2yi3 auxiliary that is all; nothing more
野外 ye3wai4 noun open country; field
考察 kao3cha2 verb 1 inspect; make an on-the-spot investigation; investigate 2 observe and study
处理 chu3li3 verb 1 handle; deal with; dispose of 2 treat sth. by a special process; process 3 sell at reduced prices; sell off
du2 noun 1 poison; toxin 2 narcotics; (narcotic) drugs 3 virus; computer virus 4 poisonous influence  verb 1 kill with poison; poison 2 poison (sb.’s mind)  adjective 1 poisonous; noxious; poisoned 2 malicious; cruel; fierce
毒草 du2cao3 noun 1 poisonous weeds 2 figurative harmful or perverse speech, writing, etc.
醋酸 cu4suan1 noun chemistry acetic acid (CH3COOH)
lü4 noun chemistry chlorine (Cl)
精神 jing1shen5 noun vigour; vitality; drive  adjective lively; spirited; vigorous; smart
正好 zheng4hao3 adjective just in time; just right; just enough  adverb happen to; chance to; as it happens
tang4 measure word 1 [for a round trip] 2 [for a single train trip] 3 dialect [for a street, or things arranged in a row]  noun sth. that is going on
医务 yi1wu4 noun medical matters
zhu3 verb boil; cook
蛋黄 dan4huang2 noun yolk
sui4 verb break to pieces; smash  adjective 1 broken; fragmentary 2 garrulous; gabby
wei4 interjection hello; hey  verb 1 feed (animals); raise 2 feed (people); put food into someone’s mouth 3 pass the ball to sb.
空调 kong1tiao2 noun abbreviation 1 air conditioning
遥控器 yao2kong4qi4 remote controller
忽冷忽热 hu1leng3hu1re4 1 now hot, now cold 2 (of one’s mood, affection etc) to alternate
闹矛盾 nao4 mao2dun4 disagree; quarrel
与其 yu3qi2 conjunction [correlatively with 不如 or 毋宁] rather than; better than
立刻 li4ke4 adverb immediately; at once; right away; in the turn of a hand
恢复 hui1fu4 verb 1 resume; renew 2 recover; regain 3 restore; reinstate; rehabilitate
冰块 bing1kuai4 1 ice cube 2 ice chunk
zhuang1 noun 1 woman’s adornments 2 trousseau; dowry  verb apply makeup; make up
不声不响 bu4sheng1-bu4xiang3 idiom quiet; silent
挚友 zhi4you3 noun literary intimate (or bosom) friend
口红 kou3hong2 noun lipstick
成分 cheng2fen5 noun 1 composition; component part; ingredient; element 2 one’s class status; one’s profession or economic status
la4 noun 1 wax 2 candle
软化剂 ruan3hua4ji4 softener; tenderizer; plastifier
好评 hao3ping2 noun favourable comment; high opinion
实打实 shi2da3shi2 adjective colloquial real; true; honest; genuine
资源 zi1yuan2 noun natural resources; resources
人脉 ren2mai4 noun social relationship; connections
chuan4 verb 1 string together 2 conspire; gang up 3 get things mixed up 4 go from place to place; run about; rove 5 play a part (in a play); act  measure word [for a string of things] string; bunch; cluster
野生 ye3sheng1 adjective wild; und

May 31

备用#bèiyòng: reserve; keep for future use
凡事#fánshì: everything
暴雨#bàoyǔ: torrential rain
婶#shěn: wife of father’s younger brother
毫升#háoshēng: millilitre
降雨#jiàngyǔ: fall of rain; rainfall
葡萄#pútáo: grape
点评#diǎnpíng: comment; make comments
款#kuǎn: sincere
狼狗#lánggǒu: wolfhound
蚊#wén: mosquito
驱#qū: drive (horse, car)
装蒜#zhuāngsuàn: pretend not to know
起到#qǐ dào: have an effect; play a role
羡慕#xiànmù: admire, envy
博客#bókè: vlog
挨打#āidǎ: take a beating
活泼#huópō: lively; vivacious, vivid
女婿#nǚxù: son-in-law
为啥#wèi shà: why

May 30

建筑 jiànzhú: architecture; building
手册 shǒucè: manual; handbook
文字 wénzì: script; writing
叫做 jiàozuò: (be) called
链接 liànjiē: Link
艺术 yìshù: art
慢跑 mànpǎo: joggen
一直 yīzhí: die ganze Zeit; immer schon, bisher
从未 cóng wèi: never
行动 xíngdòng: move about
惊 jīng: startle; erschrecken
搭乘 dāchéng: fahren
治 zhì: cure; control; exterminate; punish
刚好 gānghǎo: luckily; just right
顺风 shùnfēng: travel downwind
晴天 qíngtiān: sunny day
高速 gāosù: rapid
冒 mào: give off; von sich geben
赶紧 gǎnjǐn: quickly
错觉 cuòjué: illusion
尾气 wěiqì: exhaust
散 sàn: zerstreuen; loose
启动 qǐdòng: start
停靠 tíngkào: stop at
引擎 yǐnqíng: engine
盖 gài: cover
散热 sànrè: Wärmeabgabe
双闪 shuāng shǎn: double flash
慢悠悠 mànyōuyōu: slowly; leisurely
提速 tísù: speed up
维持 wéichí: maintain
迈 mài: mile
回头 huítóu: turn around; return
警车 jǐngchē: Polizeiwagen
护送 hùsòng: escort
而是 érshì: instead
出生 chūshēng: be born
出版 chūbǎn: publish
广告 guǎnggào: advertising
大使馆 dàshǐguǎn: embassy
正式 zhèngshì: official
浪费 làngfèi: waste
任务 rènwù: task
退出 tuìchū: sich ausklinken
放纵 fàngzòng: indulge; undisciplined
回归 huíguī: return
正常 zhèngcháng: normal
吸引 xīyǐn: attract
上瘾 shàngyǐn: be addicted to
听见 tīngjiàn: hear; vernehmen
训练 xùnliàn: train

May 29

真正 zhen1zheng4 adjective genuine; true; real  adverb really; indeed
离职 li2zhi2 verb resign; hand in one’s resignation
关注 guan1zhu4 verb follow with interest; pay close attention to; show solicitude for
纸质 zhi3zhi4 1 paper 2 hard copy 3 printed (as opposed to electronically displayed)
领取 ling3qu3 verb receive; draw; get
前往 qian2wang3 verb usually literary go to; leave for; proceed to
交通 jiao1tong1 noun 1 traffic; communications 2 liaison; liaison man  verb literary 1 be connected; be linked 2 associate with; collude with
神仙 shen2xian5 noun 1 supernatural being; celestial being; immortal 2 person who has the power of clairvoyance or who is free from worldly cares
疟疾 nüe4ji5 noun malaria; ague
青蒿素 qing1hao1su4 1 Arteannuin (anti-malaria chemical) 2 Artemisinin 3 Qinghaosu
供应 gong1ying4 verb supply
圆柏 yuan2bai3 noun botany Chinese juniper (Juniperus chinensis)
ju3 verb 1 lift; raise; hold up 2 start 3 elect; choose 4 cite; enumerate 5 literary give birth to (a child)  noun 1 act; deed; move 2 abbreviation
牙齿 ya2chi3 noun tooth
自由 zi4you2 noun 1 freedom; liberty 2 philosophy freedom  adjective free; unrestrained
以前 yi3qian2 noun (of time) before; formerly; previously
惊喜 jing1xi3 verb pleasantly surprised
不凑巧 bu4cou4qiao3 unluckily
爬山虎 pa2shan1hu3 noun 1 botany Boston ivy; Japanese ivy 2 dialect sedan chair or litter to carry a person up a mountain
蚊虫 wen2chong2 noun mosquito
本尊 ben3zun1 1 (Buddhism) yidam (one’s chosen meditational deity) 2 the principal object of worship on a Buddhist altar 3 (of a monk who has the ability to appear in multiple places at the same time) the honored one himself
qi2 literary pronoun 1 his (her, its, their) 2 he (she, it, they) 3 that; such 4 [referring to no definite person or thing] it  noun (Qí) a surname  auxiliary classical 1 [making a guess or a retort] 2 [giving an order]  affix [after an adverb]
友善 you3shan4 adjective literary friendly; amicable
假扮 jia3ban4 verb disguise oneself as; dress up as
提议 ti2yi4 verb propose; suggest; move  noun proposal; motion
tang2 adjective literary 1 exaggerative; boastful 2 for nothing; in vain  noun 1 dynasty established by Emperor Yao (尧) in the legendary period in Chinese history 2 Tang Dynasty (618-907) 3 abbreviation Later Tang Dynasty(923-936), one of the Five Dynasties 4 a surname
长老 zhang3lao3 noun 1 literary elder 2 [respectful term of address for an old monk] elder 3 religion local religious leaders; elder
高冷 gao1leng3 1 reserved 2 aloof 3 (geography) (of a location) elevated and cold
pang2 noun 1 side 2 lateral radical of a Chinese character  pronoun 1 other; else 2 literary comprehensive; copious
gen1 noun heel  verb 1 follow 2 (of a woman) marry sb.  preposition 1 [indicating accompaniment, relationship, involvement, etc.] with 2 [introducing the recipient of an action] 3 [expressing comparison] as; from  conjunction and; with
你走你的阳关道,我过我的独木桥 ni3 zou3 ni3de5 yang2guan1dao4, wo3 guo4 wo3de5 du2mu4qiao2 well-known phrase You take the open road, and I’ll cross the log bridge.—You go your way, and I’ll go mine.