Project “Tell me”


小张 老田
Phase 0: Preparation X
8 hours
Phase I: One to three days
1. Defining 25 themes X
15 minutes
2. Creating the questions and answers (Q&A) X
3. Editing and proofreading the Q&A X
3 hours
4. Integrating the Q&A into the final Word document X
5. Creating the word lists X
6. Upload of the preliminary draft to Kindle Digital Publisher (KDP) ( X


小张 老田
Phase 2: One week
7. Final proofreading of the Chinese text using the preliminary print copy provided by Amazon X
2 hours
8. Proofreading of the Pinyin and English texts X
9. Production of the MP3 audio files X
2 hours
10. Upload of the final edition to KDP/Amazon X


小张 老田
Phase 3: ??
11. Marketing, fan merchandising etc. ?? ?? ??